Hi dear, no I don’t have those kind of pictures. I am really not sure about praying but I have never seen anyone doing it or mentioning it ever. I dont think its possible,you can not change in the middle of the flight to wash yourself before the prayer for example, I really doubt it

Sooo sweet of you, thank you dear! Hope you don’t mind that I published the message, it’s very nice :)
My clothes, from everywhere a bit! :*

Awh, that’s ok ^_^
Don’t be, it’s actually really nice for a passenger on the A380, it’s quiet and overall a cool experience! The boeing777 is much more noisy for example :D but the A380 is so peaceful, and small turbulence is the most normal thing on each and every flight. Good luck and enjoy!

Hahah bless u :D well it’s not interesting to see someones face all the time :( I like those cut pictures :p

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