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A video with info for those interested about the cabin crew job for Emirates

yes I agree with your baba :) Come in november, my mother was here in march it was very nice, also hot but in a nice way :D I can’t recommend anything because I really don’t know, depends also how much u want to spend on a hotel, we have our emirates accommodation, cute appartments that we share with one or two flatmates ( I have one flatmate)

well, we already have all the furniture in the appartments we get, my room is small can’t do much, I just have a few decorations, and lamps, I love lamps, nothing special, one day I will have my own stuff and have a simple cozy home

thank you lovely girls 

Hvala! Thank u! ❤️❤️❤️ the beautiful feedback from each person that follows me means a lot to me

Bas cool ! Hvala ti ! ^.^

For me the favorite place is souk madinat I think, its so nice and quiet, dubai mall is veeeeery crowded, I only visited the Grand mosque in Abu Dhabi so I dont know much. Have fun and enjoy the extreme heat haha ❤️

Of course it’s possible, I am saving and sending money back home. Thank you

Svaki posao ima pozitivne i negativne strane, pa tako i ovaj. Radimo jako puno, i nije sve lako podnositi ni raznorazne ljude prije svega ni vremenske razlike ni naporne letove itd. Zalim samo sto sam daleko od svojih.

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